Saturday, September 15, 2007

Arabic Gulf mix spice

Recipe by:zainab

500g or 4 1/4 cups black peppercorns.
250g or 6 cups dried red chili con.
50g or 1 cup cinnamon.
500g or 6 1/2 cups coriander seeds.
500g or 5 3/4 cups cumin seeds.
12g or 1/8 cup cloves.
20g or 4 nutmeg.
30g cardamom seeds.
180g or 1 1/4 cup turmeric .

1) Blend or process spices together until crushed.

* You can use ground spice and mix it together.


Anonymous said...

that's a lot of spices! LOL. is this the same as baharat?

Arabic Bites said...

Hi burekaboy,
We call spices in Arabic baharat.
Every home in the Gulf region is characterized by make their own mix spices.
You right we use a lot of spices in gulf area and that what make our dishes so unusual and unique.

burekaboy — said...

thanks for the answer :) same idea as indian garam masala, every family or region has its own mix. i actually have a bag of baharat in my freezer from dubai from my friend's mother i need to use up!

Ann said...

I made a batch of this Gulf spice mix, and now use it when making any middle eastern dishes that call for a mix of spices. This is so similar to the India garam amsala. Thanks for the recipe! I used it when preparing the meat for Lissan al kadi....

Ann said...

Ladies, I just used this spice mix again for chicken mansaf - this time I actually posted it on my blog - thanks for the spice recipe!

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