Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Homemade mandy mix spice

Resipe by:meedo

To make mandy mix spice:

2 tablespoons cardamom pods.

2 tablespoons cloves.

2 teaspoons black pepper.

1 whole nutmeg .

1 tablespoon deride ginger.

4 bay leaves .

Blend or process spices together until finely crushed.


Unknown said...

What is deride ginger, please? An explanation in Arabic is fine. Thanks!

Arabic Bites said...

زنجبيل مجفف أو بودرة الزنجبيل deride ginger

Unknown said...

Can you also translate what deride ginger is in English? Where do we get them from?

Arabic Bites said...

Deride ginger (Powdered ginger):is ground spice made from ginger dried root.

you can read about Ginger here . & here .

zainab :D

Unknown said...

When I crush all the above ingredients, I cannot get fine crush. The cardamon shells are still husky and the whole mixture is not powdery.

What do I do? Put all the ingredients together, blend until as small as possible and then sift it to get just the powder?

HELP!! :-)

Thank you

Arabic Bites said...

Ground Spices together using electric grinder.
hope this help.

zainab :D

Unknown said...

I see, so we're not going for powder here then. Fine a crush as possible I take it? So that theres still some solid bits of cardamom shells and slightly course cloves?

Wish I could see a picture of the spices after crushing. I assume grinding(to powder) and crushing (to as smaller bits as possible) are two different things huh? :)

I'm a terrible cook.. and worse at following instructions.

Thanks Zainab

Arabic Bites said...

actually,the mixture will be very fine & powdery without any solid part.
Did you use electric grinder??

zainab :D

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