Monday, June 16, 2008

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Recipe by:zainab


8 cups Strawberries sliced or crushed.
4-5 cups sugar.
Juice of one lemon.

1) Add all ingredients to large pan.


2) bring to boil, simmer over Medium heat for 30 minutes (until jam is thick).


3) Pour into sterilized jars.



Chef Jeena said...

Zainab I love how simple you made this recipe sound. I love the pictures, making the jam has such a rustic feel to it. It looks wonderful I have bookmarked it. :-)

How long does the jam keep in the fridge please?

Dori said...

Wow, this is so simple! It looks good, I can imagine this fresh on some toast :)

Arundathi said...

the jam looks gorgeous. gonna try this recipe with the mangoes that are in season here - i hope it works out.
your vermicelli pasta looks so similar to a dish called Upma we make in India. Nice!

Prajusha said...

strawberry jam looks yummy..thanks for the recipe

Shubha Ravikoti said...

Nice one... the jam looks delicious... Such a lovely texture... yumm!

Check my blog have something for u

isabella said...

I linked your site !

Manuela © said...

I already did pumpkin, tomatoe and apples jam but never tried with strawberries.
I have to try it. Your pictures look great.

Arabic Bites said...

Thank you,it's really simple to make,try to make it.
This jam remain for a period of 4-6months.

Thanks ;)

mangoes sounds great,maybe less sugar if you use very sweet mangoes.
it's great how Gulf cuisine similar to Indian cuisine.

welcome & visit often.

Thank you for your comment,we happy to hear from you,&thanks for passing the award along to us ..we honored ;)

Thank you!!!

Thanks for stopping by :)


Cynthia said...

There's nothing quite like fresh homemade bread and homemade jam. It is such a treat!

Anonymous said...

Looks simple. I noticed that you do not use pectin. I did blueberry jam one year while living in Maine. I cooked wild blueberries w/ green apples and a little bit of sugar. It was yummy. Since then, I have not tried it w/o pectin. Thanks for the recipe.

Arabic Bites said...

Thanks for stopping by :)

Mary Pat,
I have not tried jam with pectin before maybe next time.
Thank you for your comment.

zainab :)

Anonymous said...

great post

Divya said...

Its easy n yummy :)

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