Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Copyright Notice

we discovered today someone has Stoled one of our recipe ,she removed the blog's name from the image & of cours without our permission & without mention the source of the recipe.
The recipe & picture by meedo & has been stolen by "mony" on this website wasfati.
we put in lot of efforts in maintaining this blog & Sharing old family recipes not for someone to simply lift away our material !!!!!

so If anyone re-post a recipe, please give credit and link to this Blog.

Ask us before you want to use our content.


على الشخص عندما يأخذ مجهود شخص اخر ان يرجع الفضل للشخص الذي بذل المجهود تقديرا له، انما التعمد و محو اسم الموقع ونسب كل شي لمن اعادت كتابة الوصفه هو اجحاف بحق من كتب هذه الوصفه وبحق المدونه

اننا نبذل مجهود كبير للمحافظه على هذه المدونه عن طريق مشاركة وصفات عائليه قديمه ليس لأي شخص الحق ان يسرق منها متى يشاء ويعيد نشرها

الرجاء على كل شخص طلب الإذن أولا قبل اعادة نشر اي من الوصفات الموجوده هنا وعند الموافقه على الشخص كتابة المصدر ووضع رابط لهذه المدونه
Updated December,18,2008: we are so happy today the recipe pictures has been removed by wasfati team who were very cooperative with us so thank you so much.
& many thanks to all reader who support us through the comment here or sent us encourage emails.
we will be back to blogging soon after final .
1 exam down, 4 to go!!
So Stay tuned .
Happy Holidays to you all !!!! Be Well!
نود شكر فريق عمل وصفاتي على تعاونهم السريع لحل هذه المشكله وازالة الصوره


Marija said...

I am so sorry to hear that :( I had similar problems a few times.

Dori said...

This is really sad... I don't know why people do these things!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that some people feel they dont exist unless they steal another person`s identity!
I love what you do and appreciate you sharing with us..I have wrote about my admiration including a link ofcourse on my blog..:)
Keep up the great work!

Olasz77 said...

I'm sorry to hear :( Did you complain to the service provider (sorry, english is not my first tongue, and it's not second - hope i got it right). Situations like this happens quite often with my friends’ photos posted on blogs. We complain every time we find out – that helps a bit. Makes me think about quality of my own photos – no one steals them ;)

Olasz77 said...

I would love to leave a comment on stealer's page, if you tell me how to it, as I don't know the language page is written in :)

Hidetoshi said...

u have really nice pictures of food!! just looking at them can make me go veryyy hungry & drooling!! if u have any party, please let me know!! i tried cooking & it was simply a disaster!!

Anonymous said...

this is really sad...its terribly discouraging that people can so easily steal content and pictures that do not belong to them/.....

Pebble! said...

I am so sorry to hear what happened, I hope God Almighty will make that person repent.

Please do not be discouraged, your recipes have saved me and my many friends across the world from making serious blunders in the kitchen.
It is thanks to you that I find cooking such a pleasure and the variety of fresh vegetables and ingredients you encourage us to use is excellent.
I am a working woman and your recipes are God's gifts to us who need the guidance in making quick family meals....

May you prosper beyond your wildest dreams.

God Bless

Lili3 said...

How dare they do that!! they must have been REALLY jealous XD U Kill them girl!!! LOL

Cynthia said...

It is infuriating that this kind of dishonesty is taking place. So sorry you are having to go through this.

Mona said...

I have had problems like these quite a few times till now. Its too frustrating, and above all discourages us to blog about food with all our passion only to see that its being blatantly stolen by some insensible people!
I hope that inshallah you both somehow find a solution to it.
Contact the website host first, file a DCMA notice. I hope this helps!

Yasmeen said...

Its good to know Ms.Copycat removed your images.
I'm guessing she copied the small size image from the left side bar,without the water markings.

All the best for your exams.And hope to see you in the new year:)

Rajani said...

zainab & meedo, hi -was away missed a lot on your blog- hope to catch up now. Really annoyed at the blatant stealing of your hardwork! 'am glad though that you got it sorted out without much trouble. Many other bloggers who've had their stuff lifted have had to put up a tough fight earlier. But how did you come to know about it? would really like to know. take care,

Manuela © said...

The same has happened to me too. And this days it has happened a lot in the portuguese cooking blogs. There is a blog stealing the recipes and images and using it like it's their property. They even crop the pictures to make the watermark disappear... It's sad!

There is a site where you can search for plagiarism. It's

Keep up the good work :)

Dibs said...

Hello Zainab and Hameeda. I found your blog while searching for eggless challah bread. You have some amazing recipes here - love the veget and vegan ones! Good to see your copyright issue is solved!! Keep up the great work~

pixen said...

HI Zainab & Hameeda, glad everything is fine for both of you. I wished you all the best in your exams,etc. Wishing lots of success!

Malar Gandhi said...

First time to ur blog. Plagiarism, don't know when people will understand about it. No conscience nothing...sorry to know this, wish they give credit to ur hard work and also apoligise to you.

Between I bumped into ur site thro' food buzz. I got to say you have stunning recipes. All must try one. Wish to browse more leisurely...keep the great work going...

juri said...

Hi girls ,ur blog is great ,I love it ,keep up the great work

Altaf said...

I had the same problem with the same web-site "wasfati". some one posted a recipe and used a photo from my blog for it. I notified both the person and the "wasfati" editors. The lady respond coldly that she found it in a search engine an used it and changed the picture later on. And "wa
sfati" editors thanked me for notifying them. Shame on them!


Soma said...

pretty sick & sad:-( & so sorry it happened to you.

good luck with your exams!

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