Saturday, September 15, 2007

Arabic Gulf Coffee

Recipe by:zainab

4 cups water.
3 Tablespoons Arabic Gulf Coffee.
1 teaspoon ground cardamom.
1/2 teaspoon saffron.
2 Tablespoons rose water.

1) Bring water to boil.

2) Add the coffee, cardamom, and saffron .simmer uncovered on low heat for 3 minutes.

3) Strain mixture into jug.

4) Bring mixture to boil again than remove it from heat and add the rose water.

5) Serve it into tiny coffee cups with dates or any arabic desserts.


Anh said...

I am so happy to find your site!!! I have been a big fan of Arabic food, but haven't been able to source a lot of recipes. Thanks for sharing with us!

PS: Have a blessing Ramadan!

Arabic Bites said...

Thanks for stopping by.
I’m glad that you like our blog,
one of our main goal to greate this blog is introduc arabic food to non arab people on easy way .

Anonymous said...

interesting .... never knew gulf coffee had saffron in it. is it just typical of saudi arabia or the whole area? (i.e.: uae, etc.)

Arabic Bites said...

Hi burekaboy,
Saffron is one of the ingredients that characterize the Gulf region(Saudi Arabia,Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman,and Kuwait).
the gulf coffee is different than arabic coffee.
try to make it and tell me what you think?

burekaboy — said...

hi zainab, i will give it a try for sure and let you know - it sounds so different from the reg arabic coffee. i was just surprised because my close friends are from dubai (but lebanese) and i've never seen this made by them over the years. oh yeah, what type is 'gulf coffee'?

Arabic Bites said...

The different between arabic coffee and gulf coffee is in the coffee beans.
arabic coffee in Lebanon and Syria
they dark roasted coffee beans Which effect both (color and flavor)I think it similar to turkish coffee.
gulf coffee we roasted coffee beans until Golden light and grind it with cardamom pods and saffron.and made it with cardamom,saffron and rosewater Which Give the coffee yellow color.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the explanation. i'd never have known.

Anonymous said...

As Salamu 3alaikum ladies

I truly enjoy your site. Both of you do an awsome job of explaining and illistrating on how to make these dishes. It would be great if you could show how to make mhendi, lahma and dajaj. I know this could be a huge task but I am dieing to learn how to do this. Ever since I've eaten it in the khaleej I'm hooked and miss it so much. Also, what kind of coffee beans do you use and how do you roast them yourself for saudi and emirati qahwah? (temperature in oven and how long?)
Jazackum Allahu Khair


Arabic Bites said...

walikum Alsalam um zacharia,

I'm glad that you enjoying our blog.
do you mean mandy if so you can see the recipe here.
if not you can email me and write the name in arabic and I will try to make it for you.
about gulf coffee I Buy main I never try to roast them myself.

Sayeeda said...

asssalaamu alaikum, i love ur website and the recipes on them. reminds me of the things i used to eat when i was little. i have a question about the gahwa. do u happen to know what kind of bean it is and from what country. i'm here in the US and they don't have gahwa where i'm at. also do u happen to know of any brands that might be sold over here or where i can order them from online. Jazakallah Khair.

Arabic Bites said...

Ahllan sayeeda,

Sorry for taking so long to reply,I'm glad that you love our blog,about the coffee try arabic shop maybe you can find it,if not search for Golden light coffee beans or saudi or yamani coffee,and if you can't find it any where just email me and I will be more happy to send it to you.


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