Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Coconut & Vanilla Balls

Recipe by:zainab

The original recipe called "Almond Balls " by my friend Joyce and she make them every year at Christmas time.... for over 30 years, and they are always a favorite for her .

and I will be make them every year at Ramadan and Eid time .

Serve with arabic coffee or tea.

For Coconut & Vanilla Balls:

Makes 100 cookies

1 cup unsalted butter
3 Tbs. granulated sugar
1 1/4 cups shredded Coconut
1 tsp. pure Vanilla extract
2 1/4 cups unbleached flour
2 cups confectioners sugar for

In a mixing bowl, cut the butter into pieces and let sit at room temperature.Chop the shredded Coconut into a coarse meal and set aside.When the butter is softened, beat in 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar with an electric mixer and cream together well.
Add the vanilla extract to the creamed mixture and blend in completely. Then, stir in the Coconut until evenly blended.
Use a blender attachment for the mixer or by hand with a wooden spoon , to stir in the flour, 1 cup at a time. Put the dough in a large bowl and continue mixing for a minute or
two with hands until all the flour is blended into the dough.
Shape the balls, by pinching a small piece and rolling gently in hands into a 3/4 inch ball. Place
on a ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake for about 15 minutes, until bottom is golden(Oven Temperature 325°F).
Remove tray from the oven and let cookies sit on tray for a few

Put the confectioners sugar in a bowl and slowly add the warm cookies to the sugar and gently
toss and turn in the sugar until coated. Place on a large tray to continue cooling for 5-10 minutes,then return to the bowl with the sugar and coat again. Set on tray to cool completely.
Store in an air tight tin.
Picture by :Joyce

Roll the cookies into the powdered sugar while still warm, to glaze and again when slightly
cool for a beautiful white coating.

To make Almond Balls use blanched almonds and almond extract instead of Coconut & Vanilla.
Thank you Joyce for the recipe.


Traveler said...

My mom used to make us something like this at Christmas time too, but they were with candied fruit. You took a lovely picture!

Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah looks yummy! Beautiful set up! I love the coffee carafe and cups!

Sayeeda said...

i was wondering, is the coconut the sweetned or the desicated one. this look really yummy.

Um Asiya Turk Al Kyrgyzstania said...

mashallah veeeeeeery yummy i wish i could eat it now...

Arabic Bites said...

Traveler,jamila,sayeeda,& Um Asiya ,
Thank you all :)

you can use any type you have,but in this recipe I use regular shredded Coconut.
Hope this help.

zainab :)

Ange said...

i made this at home for Eid. it was sooooo nice and easy to make. i cant believe how good these taste!!!!
thanks for posting this - they are really fantastic! i couldnt stop eating them

Arabic Bites said...

Glad you enjoyed the recipe.

zainab :)

Marija said...

They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great recipe but the temperature at which to cook the cookies is missing! If you don't mind updating, I dream about trying this one! Great blog!

Arabic Bites said...

Thank you so much I updated the recipe.
The Oven Temperature is 325°F.

zainab :D

Piece Of Heaven said...

i really want to try this recipe because it look delicious,can you tell me if i need to put baking powder.

Arabic Bites said...

No need to add baking powder.

zainab :D

Piece Of Heaven said...

i already made this delicious
coconut and vanilla balls and let me tell you,it is the most wonderful thing i eat latelly,it evem made me broke my diet, that i was making for long time and did'nt fell,for any sweet, into i made this sweet snow ball like my baby call it hheheheheheheheh.
i already gave the recipes for all my friends.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to refrigerate the balls before baking them?

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