Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cardamom & Saffron Milk

Recipe by:zainab

Makes: 2 cups

2 cups low fat milk or soy milk.
2 cardamom pod or you can use pinch of ground cardamom.
pinch of saffron threads.

sugar or honey to taste.

1)Using mortar and pestle,lightly crush cardamom.

2)Combine cardamom ,Saffron and Milk in small pan, stir over heat;bring to boil.

3)Strain mixture into jug.

4)Serve warm with Saffron & Golden Raisins Rings .

My grandfather serve it topped with toasted crushed nuts .
& My dad add rosewater after strain the milk.



Anonymous said...

Dear Zainab and Meedo, it was such a delight to discover Arabic Bites recently! Your recipes are very inspiring, and I already made some of them with great results (Mandy, Mint and Feta Snails,) and today I am making Arabic flat bread based on your recipe.

I have one question--maybe you might be able to help. During my stay in Oman, I remember eating a very delicious bread. It looked like a medium size round, with the top sprinkled with sesame seeds. The top was lightly colored, but the bottom was brown and dark. The texture was very soft, almost like cake, with many holes (but not sweet.) If you have any idea what I am talking about, I would be very grateful for any help.

Best regards,

Arabic Bites said...

Hi vita,

we glad to hear that.I think the bread you talking about is (eshrik) it similar to khobiz mohala but khobiz mohala is sweet.I will try to post the recipe for you soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! I would love to see a recipe. Meanwhile, I will try to make khobiz mohala.


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