Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saudi Kabsa Mix Spice

Recipe by:zainab

For Saudi Kabsa Mix Spice you will need to use Equal amounts of:

* Red pepper.
* coriander seeds.
* black peppercorns.
*whole cloves.
*Black cardamom pods.
*Fennel seeds.

1) Blend or process spices together until crushed.

* You can use ground spice and mix it together.

If you want your mix spice not too hot , just make only half the amount of Red pepper & black peppercorns.

you can use it in all Arabic gulf dish or in rice dish.
try it in:

Zainab's Easy Saudi Kabsa.


Cynthia said...

Thanks Zainab! Will make this and cook with it and let you know.

Dori said...

Great mix! Thanks for posting...I can imagine that on the chicken :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zainab and Hameeda! Thnk for sharing the recipe for the Kabsa Spice mix. This spice mix is to be added to the rice, isnt it?! Takecare, and looking forward to the Daqous recipe !

Arabic Bites said...

you are welcome.

you can use it in rice recipes & Will be so good on the chicken .

you can use it in all Arabic gulf dish or in rice dish,but in my recipe for Saudi kabsa I use it only in rice.


Anonymous said...

I live in the Philippines and am looking for cardamom pods and I can't find it. Is it called something else or any idea where I can get it?

Arabic Bites said...

Sorry,I don't know exactly where you can find it.
Try buy it online if you want ,Or if you can't find it use ground cardamom.
Hope this help.

zainab :)

Unknown said...

im from india and have just moved into the middle east. im really glad to have found your site as i wanted to learn arabic recipes. i would like to try some of yours soon. in your recipe for saudi kabsa spice mix you have mentioned red pepper as one of the ingredients. are you referring to red bell peppers or dry red chillies?

Arabic Bites said...

Hi pallavi,
dry red chillies.

Anonymous said...

salam zainab can u explain more on details on how much is the cloves and the others needed b/c i'm really bad at estimating these things.. I once tried to make the spice but it turn out to be too spicy and too much cloves :(

Shoukran hugss

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