Thursday, January 17, 2008

Zainab's Easy Saudi Kabsa

Recipe by:zainab


6 thin chicken cutlets.
Salt and Fresh black ground pepper.
olive oil.

3 cups basmati rice.
4 1/2 cups water or chicken stock .
1 teaspoon Arabic gulf mix spice.
1 teaspoon Saudi Kabsa spice.
1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric.
2 teaspoons salt.

1) Heat a grill pan over high, season cutlets with olive oil, salt and pepper, cook 3 minutes per side.

2) To cook basmati rice: In a deep pan add all ingredients, bring to boil, simmer cover, and cook on a very low heat for 12-20 minutes.

3) Serve chicken cutlets & basmati rice with Daqous + and green salad.



Dori said...

This looks so good with the salad next to it...I have never heard of the Kabsa spice...I am sure it is delicious though :)

Arabic Bites said...

Hi meeso,

Thank you for your comment,I'll try to post recipe for Saudi Kabsa mix spice soon if I only have time, because I'll be so busy when new academic semester begins.


Cynthia said...

Oh yes, please post that recipe.

This is such a simple yet delicious meal.

Arabic Bites said...

Hi cynthia,
I love the taste of Kabsa spice in the basmati rice,so i post the recipe for the mix spice so you can give it a try & I hope you like can see the recipe here.

Sabita Sagi said...

The dish looks just yummy...want to grab it and eat it right now feeling very hungry now .What is daqous that u mentioned in the last step post the recipe for that also.

Arabic Bites said...

Hi sabita,
Daqous is Arabic Gulf Spicy Tomato Sauce,& we Serve with any Arabic gulf rice dish.
I'll try to make it & post it next week.


Anonymous said...

We always used to order Kabsa from the restaurants when we used to visit Jeddah or Mecca for Umrah. And i loved it sooooo much, the flavourful rice, the grilled chicken. It was soo delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'll surely try it out

Well, can i request a recipe?
I also used to have a dish named 'Maqdood' when i used to visit Saudi. It was Rice and raisins, and some kind of grilled chicken. We had heard that rice was cooked in milk for this dish., If you know about this dish, and recipe to prepare it, please share it..

Thanks :-)

Gloria Baker said...

Zainab, This dish looks so yummy and so nice you put the Saudi Kabsa I will try it!!! Gloria

Arabic Bites said...

Thank you for your comment,Kabsa is so easy to make.
about the recipe you request:
The only saudi dish we cooked the rice in milk is "saliq" I'll try to post the recipe for you soon.

Hi Gloria,
please do It's so good.


TheBeautyDiaries said...

I just joined this blog site. Am so glad I came across your blog (I was looking for the home made zaatar recipe)! :) We are leaving Saudi next month and I was feeling so sad. My husband especially enjoys Saudi/ Arabic food. I can now look at your blog to make these recipes myself. I hope to pick up some typical spices from here before I leave. I do hope you are still blogging! Thanks again.

chefs aprons said...

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