Saturday, February 23, 2008

Al3ish Albalady ( EGYPTIAN Flat Bread )

Recipe by:zainab

breadbakingday 7

bbd #07 with the theme flatbreads hosted by Petra Chili und Ciabatta .
Deadline: March 1st, 2008

Many thanks to zorra. for created Bread Baking Day .


2 teaspoons yeast.
3 cups white flour.
3 cups whole wheat flour.
4 Tablespoons oil.
2 teaspoons sugar.
2 teaspoons Salt.
4 Tablespoons dry milk.
2 cups warm water.
116 g sourdough starter.

Wheat bran for roll the dough.

1) Place all ingredients in the bowl of mixer; beat 10 minutes to make soft dough.

2) Cover dough and let rise in warm place until doubled in size, about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3) Divide dough into 16 pieces.


5) Shape each piece into a ball .cover; let it rise in warm place until doubled in size, about 30 minutes.

6) Roll each in wheat bran to a 16 cm round.


7) Bake on hot baking surface for 1 minute per side.





Dori said...

The bread looks so good and soft...and I have something waiting for you over my way :)

zorra said...

Look so delicious. I still don't know what kind of flatbread I should bake. ;-)

Arabic Bites said...

Hi meeso,

Thank you so much for thinking of us,You're so wonderful.
we really appreciate it.


Thank you so much for the comment,I'm sure any kind of flatbread you will bake it will be superb as usual.


Anonymous said...

As with everything you make, these are lovely. I like the idea of using bran to roll the dough.

Unknown said...

Very well done! Thank you for your contribution to bbd #7!

Umm Zacharia said...

seeing this bread reminds me of the many times I've been in Egypt and seeing men, boys, etc either walking or riding a bike with these huge racks of bread on them to sell. We would buy tons of it!!!!. It's so good and healthy because of the whole wheat. Now, I can have a little bit of Egypt here. Thanks so much ladies!!!!!

Arabic Bites said...

Thank you,It's mean alot to me coming from you ,do try it!

Thanks for hosting this month.

You're welcome,&thanks for all your comment in the blog.


Noor said...

salams sister's...

I love your breads mashAllah. I like to make breads as well and mine are never thin enough no matter how much I roll. Yours always seems so perfect do you use the pasta machine to roll the dough out or do you do everything by hand?

Also, I usually use my bread machine to mix my dough and let it rise in there do you think thats ok or should I do it all by hand? My bread just never turns out right bc its always to puffy and thick in the end no matter how much I press with the rolling pin :(

Arabic Bites said...

Ahlan noor,
Thank you for the comment,It's ok to use bread machine to mix your dough or do it by hand(it's up to you).
To roll the dough I always use the rolling pin.(try to roll evenly & preheat the oven)I'm sure your flat bread will turns out right this time.

Good luck :)


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