Monday, September 17, 2007

Crispy Dates Square

Recipe by:meedo

The dates in season all around Saudi Arabia now .we use dates alot (frozen,fresh,dried) in our recipes especially in arabic desserts .and we use it alot in Ramadan to break the fast (Following the example of Prophet Muhammad).

For Crispy Dates Square:

1 Kilogram seedless dates*.
1 Cup tea biscuit, crushed. Divided (1/3 for mix, 1/3 for sprinkle, 1/3 extra for coat)
1/3 cup toasted almonds or pistachio.
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder or 100g unsweetened chocolate bar.
3 Tablespoons rose water.
1 cup brown crispy rice or corn flakes or combination of the two.
2 teaspoons ground cardamom.

1) Heat the dates in pan and stir about 3 minutes; until dates are soft (you can do this step at microwave).

2) Remove the dates from heat and transfer in to large bowl.

3) Knead dates with hand .and add 1/3cup crushed biscuit, than add remaining ingredients, mix well.

4)Grease 20cm by 30cm lamington pan, cover base and 2 opposite sides with sheet of baking paper, sprinkle one-third of biscuit than spread mixture evenly into pan.
Cover, refrigerate 3 hours.

5) Turn dates mixture onto board, cut into squares to serve.

6) Coat squares in extra biscuit.

7)Serve it with arabic gulf coffee .

Storage: in refrigerate.
*if you use very dry dates you can add little water.


runner2b said...

I love dates! This looks like a good recipe; I never seen these date squares before. Thanks for the post


Arabic Bites said...


Thank you for your comment.
give it a try it really good.


Random Sister said...

This recipe looks gorgeous! The only thing is, I can't eat cocoa/chocolate, so do you know if there's anything I can substitute for this? Would it work if I left out the cocoa/choc?

Arabic Bites said...

Random Sister,

you can substitute cocoa/chocolate with carob powder or just left out & it will work well.


الصراحة راحه said...

I really have love most of the recipes and dishes in this site you have really done a good job. My question I there was a good Arabic gulf channel for cooking which reminded us of the good old days isn't that lovely?

Khalid TS

Anonymous said...

Does the cornflakes have to be brown is ok to use just regular cornflakes?

Arabic Bites said...

No you don't have to use it,you can use the regular cornflakes.

zainab :D

aiza said...

what is brown crispy rice?

Arabic Bites said...

You can read about it here.
if you don't have brown crispy rice just use the regular one.
Hope this help.

zainab :D

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