Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mandy (spicy chicken and rice)

Recipe by:meedo
Mandy is A traditional Saudi Dishe.

1 chicken cut into 4 pieces.
2 teaspoons mandy mix spice.
1 teaspoon salt.

3 cups basmati rice.
1 tablespoon butter.
1 large onion, finely chopped.
1 small tomato, finely chopped and removes all the seed.
4 whole cardamom pods.
6 whole cloves.
6 black peppercorns.
4 1/2 cups water or chicken stock.

1)Rub spice and salt al over the chicken, place it in a pan, cook chicken uncover until tender and brown about 40 minutes.

2)Sauté onion with butter until tender and brown, add whole spices, salt, rice, water, stir, boil then add chopped tomato, simmer cover, cook on a very low heat for 20 minutes.

3)Serve it with green salad or yogurt with cucumber and mint.


Umm Zacharia said...

As Salamu 3alaikum

Jazak Allahu Khair for directing me to this. This looks similar to what I had in Emirate. However isn't mandy cooked underground?? I know in the resturants they mimic this to get that "smoky' taste and smell but was just courious if you knew exacty how to cook it underground? I'm looking foward to trying your recipe!!

Jazak Allahu Khair


Arabic Bites said...

Ahlan Umzacharia,

The Traditional way to make mady is cook it underground,and you can make it at home and get the smoky taste like restaurants by Place Piece of foil or deep bowl and fill it with littel amount of oil than add Coal volatile and that will create the smoky taste that you taking about,if you want more smoky taste add the coal during the cooking.
I hope that help you.

Umm Zacharia said...


thanks for the info! At the risk of sounding really stupid, Do you tent the pot that I'm cooking the chicken in and have a seperate bowl for the coal in the same pot?? Also, I'm not familiar with the term "coal volatile". Are you talking about coal that is made from wood? I don't think you mean the same fahem that you use for oud or shisha. Sorry, I'm not trying to make this more difficult than what it is. It's just that I don't want to mess it up and if I can replicate what I had in the Khallej I will be one happy camper:). Oh yeah, there is a salata harr that goes with it. Is this just tomatoes, hot pepper, lemon, salt, and cilantro? Thanks so much for all your help. I truly appreaciate it

Allha teech 3afia


Arabic Bites said...

ياهلا أم زكريا
المقصود هو الفحم المشتعل وبإمكانك استخدام الفحم الحجم الصغير المستخدم في العود أو الشيشة مثل ماذكرتي المهم تكون مشتعلة (يكون لونها رمادي وأحمر)بإمكانك طبخ الدجاج أو اللحم والأرز ثم تبخيرها بالفحم(عن طريق وضع كمية صغيرة من الزيت في وعاء غزير ثم وضع الفحمة وراح تتصاعد الأبخرة في هذه الأثناء يوضع الوعاء الصغير داخل القدر المطبوخ فية الأرز ويغطى )هذي العملية تأخذ حوالي 1-2 ثانية، أو اذا حابة طعم المندي يكون اكثر مدخن توضعين الفحم أثناء طبخ الدجاج في الفرن عن طريق وضع قطعة صغيرة من القصدير وعليها زيت ثم توضع قطعة الفحم في أسفل الفرن

أم زكريا هل تقصدين صلصة طماطم(دقوس)أو سلطة طماطم

اذ كان عندك اي اسئلة لاتترددين في السؤال

Unknown said...

Assalamu 'Alaikum,

I love this blog. It is really cool. Jazakallahu Khair for your recipes. I'm going to try mandi today :).

Arabic Bites said...

Marhaba Mukhthar,
Thank you for the nice comment,
if you give it a try don't forget to tell me what you think.

Umm Zacharia said...

Ahlan Ladies

This is kind of embarassing but my arabic needs work and having a hard time translating your response. Any chance of being able to translate for me???? Sorry I couldn't respond earlier, life has been a little hectic for me lately. Thanks for your help.


Arabic Bites said...

Ahlan Umzacharia,

you can use the small-sized coal(made from wood or fahem that you use for oud or shisha).but important to be aflame (the color gray and red), you can cook chicken or meat, rice and then add coal (by using a small amount of oil in Piece of foil or deep bowl then add fahem )to cooked rice and covers) the process takes about 1-2 seconds, or if you wnat more smoky taste add fahem at to small piece of foil at the bottom of the oven during the cooking .
I hope that help.

feel free to ask if you have any question.


Anonymous said...


ump..what a lonely mandy..i had tried this mandy twice at lebanons restaurant in malaysia. this blog very usefull to me to try make my own mandy inshaAllah

Umm Zacharia said...


Well, I finally made this and it turned out great! I needed to smoke it a little longer in the pot, ( did it for 15 min only. Mesakeen, everybody was hungry) but it still turned out good. Thaks so much for all your help and patience. As always, love your site and keep the great recipies comming :D

Allahu Teech il 3afia


Arabic Bites said...

Thank you.

Ahlan Umzacharia,
sure,any time.
I am glad that it's work well for you.

Noor said...

asalam alayakum,
Jazakallahu Khair for this recipe (and this site) MASHALLAH...

If you just knew how long my husband and I have been looking for a mandy recipe (chicken or lamb). I do know that mandy is cooked underground and I as well use the coal in my food anytime that I want a smokey flavor. But I just could not find this recipe anywhere on the web subhanAllah. I just love your site.

I have my own website as well (its new though 3 months old) and I made a few of your recipes..

Arabic Bites said...

Ahlan noor,
Thank you for the nice comment,do try it ,I'm sure you will love it ;)


*AmOora* said...

Hi Great Recipe... But i was wondering if i were to boil the chicken first so i can use the broth for the rice.. and then add spices to them and add to pan and heat for 30min in oven.. do you think there will still be taste what do you think? Thankssss
(Im New at This Sorry)

Arabic Bites said...


It's up to you want you if you want to boil the chicken(but then you'll not make mandy ).
If you boil the chicken it will not take 30 minutes in oven (it's just take a few minutes to browned).


Shubha Ravikoti said...

This seems amazing meedo and zainab... thanx for the amazing veggie option u mailed me.. will surely try it out... next week and tell u how it turned out..

Arabic Bites said...

You're so welcome any time.

zainab & meedo

mary said...

what is fahem? sorry i don't understand arabic.
thank u very much

Arabic Bites said...


Anonymous said...

it's look so yummy.....can't wait to eat it..!!

Sahr said...

Best Arabic food website. Great Job. Allah bless you and grant you happiness and success in every way.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

I got introduced to Mandy rice when I went for hajj some 3 years ago.... we would have mandy rice everyday as it was soooo delicious.... I have been searchin for this recipe and this seems to be the only one online. But the rice I had there in Makkah was different. The rice was yellow and very fragrant and tasty. I made this yesterday and it was not like the one I had in Makkah. Is there any other recipe for this dish? That was yellow and vey flavorful. Jazakallah Khair. Umm maryam from india

Arabic Bites said...

Umm maryam,
This recipe so much like the ethnic one & the rice fragrant and tasty...did you prepped the mix spice in this recipe too or you just use your own spice ???
Try to use the best quality of spices next time & you'll see the different..
& for the yellow color...well they use food coloring which I don't love to use in my food & it's not good for health & ethnic recipe don't call for yellow color ...
p.s:Many restaurant in Makkah run by foreigners so so many of Saudi or gulf recipes will be different & far from the original...

Maria said...

salam alaikum,

hi there nice recipe u have over here. thanks. been looking for this recipe for quite some time because have been addicted to mandy for two years since i first eat them. just asking do u have the recipe of the sauce they usually serve together to accompany mandi rice? thanks in advance. :)

Arabic Bites said...

Hi :D
Thank you so much for the comment :)
you can find the recipe here.

Unknown said...


I love your site, It is just wonderful, the instructions are simple and accompanied with great, mouth watering pics! I'm wondering, if I use 1 kilogram of lamb, how long should i cook in the oven and at what temperature? Thanks for your answer. Hazarul, Malaysia

Arabic Bites said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment...& I'm so sorry for the late reply...
answering your questions:
1)The right temperature for meat is 160-170 c (Celsius) \ 325 f (Fahrenheit)...
2)How long meat should cook in the oven:It depends on several factors, the age, size,the cuts of lamb you use and whether the lamb life in the mountains or beside the plains or grass feed...
also when you cook the meat in the oven it'll need special marinate to tenderize it more quickly..

Unknown said...

If i want to cook 2 kg of lamb mendi (normally i will use the leg part), how long should I cook at the temperature you mentioned? FYI, i'm using lamb that is grass fed.

What other marinate should i use in order to tenderize the lamb?

Thanks again. Hazarul, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Asalam O Alaikum,
Thanks for posting such a great recipe i have two question..cardamom pods you mean black or green cardamom? and any recipe of tomatoes sauce they serve with mandy

Unknown said...


im planning to make lamb mandy. can u plz tell me how do i cook the lamb? and i understand that once the rice and lamb have been cooked, i need to smoke them both in a pan right? thank u

rizqaisya said...


Sorry for the silly question but is there any salt needed in the rice?

Thanks a lot for your respond.


MamaFaMi said...

Assalamualaikum Sister Zainab...

I thank you so much for sharing this lovely recipe. I've tried it yesterday and though the taste is not as delicious as the one we ate at the restaurant here in Malaysia, but I am happy enough to be able to prepare something similar. Please don't get me wrong. It's not your recipe's fault but it was totally mine. I did a few mistakes along the way. InsyaAllah I will post the recipe in my blog (with your permission I hope) and will link it back to your website.

I am going to explore your blog as I can see, there are so many delicous food in here. Thank you so much for sharing. May Allah reward you for all the knowledge you've shared with all of us. Jazak Allahu Khair

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